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Soul Survivor (...2012)


Intro: B E  

Verse 1: 
I am a ghost t 
his is a dream  
There's something  
here it calls to me  
I sense it cuz it's  
always there  
So silent as I  
stare and stare  
There is a light 
when we're asleep  
We're barely doors 
with locks and keys  
With feelings of  
our hopes and fears  
As sounds explode  
within our ears  

Interlude: B E  

Verse 2: 
Like stars at night  
Falling fast asleep  
On the risen sun  
Wait patiently 
you can feel it  
cuz it's always there  
Growing stronger  
as you stare and stare  
Like love and lies  
shake violently  
Down to the core  
to foster grief  
It has a way to keep me down  
I gotta say it wears me out  

Abm F# So sadly soul survivors B C#m Lost and lonely in open water Abm F# Yeah oh yeah oh Abm F# yeah oh yeah oh
Verse 3: B Help I'm losing help I'm falling Life is silent the earth is calling E Every reason every nighttime And every day starts and ends in sunlight B But I'm not okay with this vicious cycle Something's broken it seems unnatural E These shapes are wondrous But loosely woven The sounds are deafening And time is frozen
B Yo oh oh oh Yo oh oh oh E Yo oh oh oh Yo oh oh oh
(Repeat) (Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: B

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