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Capo en el 6º traste

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Riff: Transition G Transition C Trans Dsus2 E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------0--- B|-----------------------------0---------------------------0h1-----1p0-----------3---3- G|-------0-------------0---0-----0---0-------0-----------------0-------0---0---2------- D|-2/4-4---4\2-0-----0-------0-----0---2/4-4---4\2-0-----0-------2-------2---0--------- A|---------------0h2---------------------------------0h2---3--------------------------- E|-----------------------3------------------------------------------------------------- Trans C Transition C Transition G E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------0h1-----1p0---------------------------0h1-----1p0------------------------------0-- G|-2p0---0-----0-------0---0-------0-----------------0-------0---0-------0--------------0--0- D|-----4---------2-------2---2/4-4---4\2-0-----0-------2-------2---2/4-4---4\2-0----0----0--0 A|---------3-------------------------------0h2---3-------------------------------0h2--------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-----
G Said the shepherd to his wife, C The crop of hay is cut and dried. Dsus2 C I'll bail it up and bring it in, C Before the coming storm begins. G Go, she said, and beat the storm, C And then there is another chore. Dsus2 C Today the baby will be born, C You'll take me to the hospital. G Said the shepherd, if it's true, C 'Twere better if I stayed with you. Dsus2 C I'd rather let the harvest go, C And hasten to the hospital. G Nay, she told him, I'll be fine, C We both have laboring to do. Dsus2 C You do yours and I'll do mine, C And the babe will wait 'til the work is through. Instrumental (*same riff) G C Dsus2 C C G G The shepherd rode the yellow rows, C The clouds above and the field below. Dsus2 C Until the bails had all been tied, C Then home returned to find his wife. G The sweat was wet upon her brown, C Her breath it cameth labouredly. Dsus2 C And then the rain was coming down, C Upon the field of yellow hay. G Said the shepherd, it's no use, C The rain will surely win the race. Dsus2 C 'Twere better if we let it fall, C And hurry to the hospital. G Go, she said, and work with haste, C And bring the bails into the barn. Dsus2 C Else the crop will go to waste, C And the babe will wait 'til the work is done. Instrumental (*same riff) G C Dsus2 C C G G The shepherd drove into the storm, C And to and from the yellow barn. Dsus2 C 'Til half the bails were safely in, C Then went to find his wife again. G How many times her name he called, C And no replying would she make. Dsus2 C Her breath it cameth not at all, C She would not rise from where she lay. Instrumental (*same riff) G C Dsus2 C C G G The storm was o'er within the hour, C The shepherd saw the sun come out. Dsus2 C The shepherd's wife saw ne'er again, C He buried her and the babe within. G He turned the seed into the ground, C He brought the flock to feed thereon. Dsus2 C He held the cleaver and the plow, C And the shepherd's work was never done.

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