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Face On The News

(Amelia Curran)

Capo en el 4º traste


Just a quick note: the "intro" part occurs pretty often throughout the song, pretty much whenever there's a 
sustained "C" chord.  To do it you just add the 3rd fret of the fourth string for the "sus4" and the open 
fourth string for the "add9".  Listen to the song for the rhythm. 

Intro: C  Csus4  C  Cadd9  C 

C        Em/B          Am 
I had a fortress all pristine and blue 
         F                       C 
And the doorways were painted in red 
    C            Em/B     Am 
And each tiny window reflections of you 
        F                   C 
And the only way out was my head 
G                                     C         Em/B        F 
Can you imagine my misunderstanding I relied on relics and tombs 
    C                        F            G           C 
And no one said nothing till we saw your face on the news 

C          Em/B            Am 
I can make mountains where nothing there stands 
    F               C 
And I can make many ado 
C                Em/B        Am 
Every stone is a missed altercation 
      F                 C 
Still every height is a view 
G                                            C            Em/B         F 
I’ve stood in protest thorns against roses I don’t mind intentions are true 
    C                        F            G          C 
And no one said nothing till we saw your face on the news 

I had it all figured out 
I was right and they were wrong 
I looked for the difference 
 F                             Dm     F    G 
And I found the difference was gone 

C          Em/B        Am 
Over the decades and between the lines 
F                    C 
Nothing has left me alone 
C           Em/B        Am 
I know the time passes grows up and trespasses 
     F                         C 
And we’ve all got fears of our own 
G                                            C         Em/B   F 
No need to ration a source of compassion and anything less I refuse 
       C                        F            G          C 
‘Cause no one said nothing till we saw your face on the news 

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