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Careful With Words

	  Verse 1:  
B                         E  
Please stop calling on my cell  
I've got enough voice mails  
Don't you get the picture  
I don't return your  
B                   E  
Emails IMs or your texts  
             A              E  
Messages are getting boring fast  

I try to be careful with my words  

       G#m                E  
You're all over me, suffocating  
B                       F#  
I need to breathe, doorbell's ringing  
G#m                    E  
CD you sent, won't stop singing  
B                     F#  
How's that for being careful with words 
B E       A        E  
   Careful, careful 

Verse 2:  
B                     E  
No more flowers at my door  
I've started to ignore  
The smell of moldy petals 
I must confess your  
B                           E  
desperate to get my attention  
                A                 E  
Shoppers we are closing, please go home  

(Repeat crescendo and chorus) 

G#m            E  
First I was flattered by  
B            F#  
All the attention I  
G#m       E                    B    F#  
Wanted to see where this would go 
G#m         E  
Then you got weird on me  
  B          F#  
Obsessing to the 3rd degree  
G#m        E          B    F#  
Till I was ready to explode 
Bridge: G#m(Hold) E(hold) B(hold) None of these words have been rehearsed F#(hold) G#m(hold) I don't think they can be reversed E(hold) B Seeing it's only one sided (Only a) G#m E Matter of time before I B F# G#m Have to confess what's on my mind E B F# I told you what I would say, didn't I Instrumental: G#m-E-B-F# (x2) Repeat chorus 2X Outro: I was so careful I ran out of words

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