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Cold Acordes

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	  D        A            F#m                D 
He's not evil, just a useless son of the devil 
              A             D 
Let's put the prozac in his mouth 
A                           D 
Watch him choke and spit it out 
A                E    F#m           F 
He deserves what he receives, baby, don't you 
D       A           F#m         D 
She's a creature, a lover and a teacher 
           A           D 
And like a baby on the beach,  
A                            D 
she lets the water touch her feet 
A                      E        F#m         F 
But she will fall back from the tide, baby, don't you 
A  F#m  F 
so cold 
     A  F#m  F 
it's so cold 
A  F#m  F 
so cold 
     A  F#m  F 
it's so cold 
D     A            F#m                D 
Let's pretend that we don't know what happens  
           A                   D 
and in the end we'll close the door, 
       A            D 
like a nonsense metaphor 
        A             E    F#m           F 
we will disguise what we ignore and I'll love you 
A  F#m  F 
so cold 
     A  F#m  F 
it's so cold 
A  F#m  F 
so cold 
     A  F#m  F 
it's so cold 

D A F#m 

D A till end 

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