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Lover of Mine

Áño: 1989 - Álbum: Myle & More/the Very Best of

	  D Why do I feel like I'm losing Gyou? 
D Will it ever recall what I always Gwanted it to? 
A Tell me I'm the Glucky one, 
A- but how you say Gthat 
when it Abreaks my heart to Bmsee another one with Ayou? 
GOoAoh, lover of Bmmine, 
GOoAoh, lover of Bmmine. 
When it Ghurts so Dbad  
I wanna Ahold you in my Bmarms. 
Make Ame Gfeel like you wanna Abe 
lover of Dmine. 
After we've said what there is to say 
Am I stealing your heart or am I just in your way? 
Mighty sigh for you is running wild 
Jalousy, dangerous kind, 
when I see you looking at another one that way. 
GPlease set me free or Dgive me your reason 
G- I try to keep it Bmalive. 
GThere is no need for Dus to be lonely 
G- give me some kind of hope, I'm walking on Afire. 
Make me feel like you wanna be lover of mine... 
Make me feel like you wanna be lover of mine... 


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