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Walkin' The Floor Over Me Acordes

Alan Jackson


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Walkin' The Floor Over Me

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Don't Rock the Jukebox

EThere's a lady livin'right aAbove me. 
EPretty as a picture on theBwall. 
EOnce I helped her with a bag ofAgroceries. 
EWe met a time or two out in theBhall. 
EShe told me somebody hurt herAfeelings. 
EA hurt that's in her eyes it's plain toBsee. 
ESlowly she's been wearin' out myACieling 
EWalking theBfloor overEme. 
EEvery night I hear herACryin'. 
ECryin' over some old memoBry. 
EA little of my heart is slowlyAdyin'. 
Ecause she'swalkin' theBfloor overEme. 
(2)*Same Pattern* 
Back and forth I followed every foot step. 
Countin' long enough to fall asleep. 
I had the sweetest dreamlast night when I drempt. 
She was walking the floor over me. 
(repeat chour.) 
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