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Alan Jackson

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Capo en el 3er traste
G         C                  G 
Excuse me ma'am can you help me 
  D                            G 
I need to place an ad with you today 
         C                   G 
No ma'am tommorow may be too late 
    D                             G 
I'd like to have it started right away 
What's that, no this is personal 
I'm not buying or selling anything 
Yes ma'am, I know just what to say 
I wrote it down, this is how it should read 
G                        C 
Wanted, one good-hearted woman 
To forgive imperfection 
In the man that she loved 
Wanted, just one chance to tell her 
How much he still loves her 
            D      G 
He can't be sorry enough 
A            D                       A 
What's that, no that's all I want to say 
E                                  A 
I just hope these few lines get to her 
A          D              A 
Yes ma'am, she means everything 
E                                          A 
I hope she comes back when she reads these words 
Repeat Chorus substitute the G C D chords into the A D 
E chords and tag the word wanted. 


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