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Don't Rock the Jukebox Acordes

Alan Jackson



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Don't Rock the Jukebox

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: 16 Biggest Hits

	   start_of_ Chorus 
Don't rock the  G juke-box C 
I wanta hear some  G Jones 
Cause my heart ain't ready 
For the Rollin Stones  D7 
I don't feel like rock-in G 
 C Since my baby's  G gone  C 
 C So don't rock the  G juke-box  D7 
Play me a country  G song 
Before you drop that  C quarter 
Keep one thing in  G mind 
You got a heart broke A7 hillbilly 
Stand-in here in  D line 
I've been down and  C lonely 
Ever since she  G left C 
Before you punch that  G number 
D7 Could I make one re G quest 
I ain't got  C  nothing 
Against rock-n  G roll 
But when your heart's been A7 broken 
You need a song that's D7 slow 
There ain't' nothin' like a  C steel guitar 
To drown a memoG ry C 
Before you spend your  G money 
D7 Play a song for  G me 


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