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Jukebox In My Mind

Áño: 1990 - Álbum: 16 Biggest Hits

Capo en el 1er traste
In the A corner of my mind stands a E jukebox  
It's playin' all my E7 favorite mem-o-{A} ries  
One by one, they A7 take me back  
To the D days when D7 you were F#m mine  
And E I can't stop this E7 jukebox in my A mind.  
I don't need no quarters, don't E need any dime  
You filled it up E7 forever  
When you said good-{A} bye  
Heaven knows I love old A7 melodies  
They were D meant to D7 ease the F#m pain  
But the B kind that's playin' on my mind  
Are E drivin' E7 me E insane.  
Song by song, those melodies  
Were meant to ease the pain  
But the kind that's playin' on my mind  
Are drivin' me insane;  
And I can't stop this jukebox in my mind.  


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