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No Escape

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NTRO ****** Acoustic Asus4 Dm Clean Electric Picking 1 e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|-----3-------3-------3-------3---| G|-----2-------2-------2-------2---|---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-| D|---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2-|-0-------0-------0-------0-------| A|-0-------0-------0-------0-------|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|X2 | | |Heavier Guitar 2 | e|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| G|----s-------------s--------------|----s---------------s------------| D|---5\7----2------3\5-5-----5-----|---5\3----2---3----3\5----5---5--| A|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| Heavier Guitar 2 e|---------------------------------|--------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------|--------------------------------------| G|----s-------------s--------------|----s--------------s-s----------------| D|---5\7----2------3\5-5-----5-----|---5\3----2---3---2\3/2---s-s------s--| A|---------------------------------|-------------------------5\7/5--3-5\7-| E|---------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
******** F Asus4 Why am I here on this distant road F Asus4 Is this something that I should have seen before F Let's turn around Asus4 There must be something we forgot F Asus4 Nothing I see is for real Chorus Play The Intro With The Chorus ******* Asus4 Dm Asus4 And thought I saw you fading away Dm Into the blue Asus4 Dm Asus4 Dm But you can't escape verse 2 ******** F There's a corner in my house Asus4 They're telling me it's mine (Same Picking As Above) F Asus4 Why does it feel like I've been here before F Please pull me out of this dream Asus4 And out of this life F 'Cause nothing that I see is for real Asus4 Not anymore BREAK F Asus4 X4 03:13 Go Back Into INTRO ***** Chorus Play The Intro With The Chorus ******* Asus4 Dm Asus4 And thought I saw you fading away Dm Into the blue Asus4 Dm And you can't escape Asus4 Dm No you can,t escape Asus4 Dm Asus4 Dm Asus4 F Am F Am Repeat and fade

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