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Come What May Acordes

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Come What May

Áño: 1982 - Álbum: Forever Love - 36 Greatest Hits

(Cynthia Weil/ Tom Snow)

	  Intro: Aadd9  C#m  Bm7  (D/E  E  E/D)  C#m7  F#m 
        (Bm7  A/C#)  Dm9  (Bm7  F#m7)  D/E 
When she looks at me 
  D                       E 
I know the girl sees things 
Nobody else can see 
             D                  E 
All of the secret fears inside 
      E/D    C#m7       F#m 
And all the craziness I hide 
       Bm7            C#sus4 
She looks into my soul 
      C#          F#madd9        Bsus4  B 
And reads me like nobody can 
            Bm          C#m        Dm7 
And she doesn't judge the man 
             D/E             E 
She just takes me as I am 
A C#m7 Come what may, she believes Bsus4 Bm D/E And that faith is something E Aadd9 C#m7 Bm7 D/E I've never known before E A C#m7 Come what may, she loves me Bsus4 Bm D/E E E/D C#m F#m And that love has helped me open a door Bm7 A/C# Dm7 D/E Aadd9 D D/E Making me love myself a little more
E Aadd9 When I turn away D E She knows those are the times Aadd9 There's nothing she can say D E Nothing that anyone can do E/D C#m F#m And so she lets me live it through Bm7 C#sus4 C# F#madd9 Bsus4 B And when I'm in my darkest hour of uncertainty Bm C#m Dm7 She just simply lets me be D/E E And goes right on loving me Bm C#m7 Dm7 E (Chorus) Making me love myself a little more (Key=F#) Instrumental: (F# A#m/F ) (D#m C#) (B A#m) (G#m7 C#) x 2 (Key=A) A Esus4/F# And when it seems my dreams D D/E E Have all slipped through my fingers (Key=C) C Em7 When they just can't be found Dm7 I turn around and there they are F Dm/G G Shining in her eyes (Repeat Chorus) (Key=C) Kenji Yanase [email protected]

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