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Áño: 1980 - Álbum: Forever Love - 36 Greatest Hits

(Graham Russell)

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Introd: E* E6* e---------0---------------0-------|---------0---------------0-------| B-------5---5-----------5---5-----|-------4---4-----------4---4-----| G-----4-------4-------4-------4---|-----6-------6-------6-------6---| D---6-----------6---6-----------6-|---6-----------6---6-----------6-| A-7---------------7---------------|-7---------------7---------------| E---------------------------------|---------------------------------| A* E* e---------0---------------0-------|---------0---------------0-------| B-------5---5-----------5---5-----|-------5---5-----------5---5-----| G-----6-------6-------6-------6---|-----4-------4-------4-------4---| D---7-----------7---7-----------7-|---6-----------6---6-----------6-| A-0---------------0---------------|-7---------------7---------------| E---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
E* E6* There's a chance you will be there A* I'd like to know the truth B/A* (to don't stop: x09870) I'll find it out somehow E* The chances aren't too strong E6* A chance you will be there A* Please be there alone B/A* Help me speak of love F#m Chances aren't enough A Ones too good to miss A/B (note: it's not B/A) Chances aren't too strong E (E E4) A Chance is all there is E E6 There's a chance you will be there A Wondering what to do B/A How to play my role E I'll leave it up to you E6 If I disguise my smile A It gives too much away B/A What if we can't speak F#m What then shall I say A Don't you be too long A/B Something has gone wrong E The chances are all gone (Repeat part 2) (Final: E : x76454 E/D# : x66454 C#m : x46654 C#m/B: 746454 F#m : 244222 B7 : x24242 E : 022100 - to user that sequency here only) Chords: E* : x76450 E6* : x76640 A* : x07650 B/A* : x09870 F#m : 244222 A : x02220 A/B : x22220 E : 022100 E4 : 022200 E6 : 022120 A : 002220 B/A : x04441 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05/02/98 - 15H41 Teco - Otavio Scoss Nicolai [email protected] (Brazil, il, il, il)

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