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Dm       Bb         Gm        A 
She is a dream that teases my mind 
          Dm          Bb              Gm             A 
Guess I'm waiting for someone to come along with her eyes 
           Dm             Bb 
Yet every time I try and find her 
   Gm        A 
A part of me dies 
        Dm        Bb                 Gm                 A 
Feel so deeply in love with her, the thought of her and I 

Dm Bb     Gm           A 
She, is a nightmare of mine 
    Dm           Bb               Gm            A 
She haunts me in moments like the middle of the night 
    Dm           Bb           Gm         A 
She hides in the corners of a vulnerable mind 
    Dm          Bb 
She seeks is unknown 
          Gm           A 
And she's very hard to find 

Dm Bb Gm      A 
She, siren of love 
          Dm           Bb               Gm     A 
You can't see what she is, until you're up to close 
           Dm              Bb          Gm        A 
And by the time you cut it off and say enough is enough 
        Dm         Bb 
She reels you back in 
   Gm             A 
My heart is so temped by 
Dm    Bb    Gm    A 
Love, love, love, love 
   Dm    Bb     Gm 
By love, love, love 
A         Dm Bb Gm A 
Love, by love 

Dm  Bb      Gm          A 
And he is a weakness of mine 
    Dm             Bb              Gm          A 
His heart seems to fall for a love he’ll never find 
           Dm              Bb 
And by the time he finds a lover 
    Gm             A 
His lover who will die 
        Dm               Bb             Gm                A 
He will hate himself for years, for the tears left in his eyes 
  Dm               Bb           Gm         A 
I hate him for the tears that I find in my eyes 
         Dm           Bb 
And I'll hate him for finding her 
    Gm      A   Dm 
And tossing her aside 

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