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Spring Forest Acordes

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Spring Forest

	  Intro G  C9  G  C9  
        C9  G/B  D4/A  
        C9  G/B  D4/A 
        C9  G/B  D4/A  G 

     G                  C9 
Oh I see that spring is comming 
    G                   C9 
The flowers are finally blooming 
C9         G/B  D4/A 
Life keeps strong 
C9          G/B  D4/A 
The cold is gone 
        C9        G/B    D4/A  D  
And the birds are singing along 

G                       C9 
There goes the times of sadness 
G                     D 
Green is the color of grass 
     C9       G/B  D4/A 
It's nature's greet 
       C9       G/B  D4/A 
In the smell of sweet 
  C9   G/B  D4/A  G 
A cycle is complete 

   Plants growing in the Rebirth Woods 
(Do we live of die?) 
   Let it be what's written in the books 

And I see 
(We all see) 
Em7M   E9(7M)           Gm  Bb/D  Dm  Bb/D  Dm 
  What spring is all about 
       D      C  D  C 
Life's sprout 
Let's remount 
(Let's remount) 

( C9  G/B  D4/A ) 

G              C9 
  Bring me the morning 
G              C9 
  Seal out the warning 
    C9     G/B  D4/A 
The colors' prom 
  C9        G/B  D4/A 
Beneath the palm 
    C9        G/B       D4/A  G 
The beauty of the fields is calm 

( G  G6  G  G6 ) 
( C  D  C  D ) 
( C  G  C  G ) 
( G  C9  G  C9 ) 
( C9  G/B   D4/A ) 
( C9  G/B   D4/A ) 
( C9  G/B   D4/A  G ) 
( G  G6  G  G6  G ) 

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