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The Only Thing I Need

Áño: 2001 - Álbum: Chapter One ...A Decade

Eb          Cm7         Ab 
Eyes closed in a veil of tears when I hear the sound 
Once more you've come to me - You've calmed me down 
Eb          Cm7 Ab 
You still the raging sea inside of me 
My Lord has come for me 

Bb          Ab                          C7 
So Why-why is it so hard for me to see 
Fm                                      Gm 
Why is it so hard to just believe 
Ab                               Eb 
Show me what it means to be free 

Ebsus Ab The only thing I need I already have Ab7 Eb The fullness of Your mercy in my hand Eb Ab The only One who loves me as I am Ab7 Eb The only thing I need I already am
Eb Cm7 Ab My heart - a companion to my wounded soul Eb Again You comfort me-You take control Eb Cm7 Ab You quell the fear that owns too much of me Ab As it was meant to be Bb Ab C7 So why-when each and every word becomes a war Fm Gm When there's nothing I can see worth fighting for Ab Eb You come into my heart and set me free
Eb You're all I need-already have it Eb All I need-already have it Fm All I need-already have it Eb All I need-already have it Repeat several times and fade

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