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We Are One Acordes

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We Are One

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C                             Am 
As you go through life you'll see 
There is so much that we 
            C     G 
Don't understand 
C                     Am 
And the only thing we know 
Is things don't always go 
           C      G 
The way we planned 
G C Dm But you'll see every day Bb C That we'll never turn away Am F G When it seems all your dreams come undone G C Dm We will stand by your side Bb C Am Filled with hope and filled with pride F G We are more than we are C We are one
( C4 F G ) ( C4 F G ) C Am If there's so much I must be F Can I still just be me C G The way I am? C Am Can I trust in my own heart F Or am I just one part C G Of some big plan?
G C Dm Even those who are gone Bb C Are with us as we go on Am F G Your journey has only begun C Dm Tears of pain, tears of joy Bb C Am One thing nothing can destroy F G Is our pride, deep inside C We are one
( C4 F G ) ( C4 F G ) C Dm We are one, you and I Bb C We are like the earth and sky Am F G One family under the sun C Dm All the wisdom to lead Bb C Am All the courage that you need F G4 You will find when you see C We are one Final: C4 F G C4 F G C4 F G C4 F G

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