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Without You


por bricoak

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Without You

	      E                                                                 G#m  
Well I cant can?t forget this evening or your face as I was leaving. 
        F#m                                                  Ab 
But I guess that?s just the way the story goes 
                    C#m                                                F#7                E          B7  
You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows, yes it shows. 
        E                                          G#m  
No I can?t forget tomorrow when I think of all my sorrow, 
             F#m                                           G# 
When I had you there but then I let you go. 
            C#m                                      F#7                                E       B7 
Now its only fair that I should let you know, what you should know. 
           E     C#m 
I can?t live, if living is without you. 
           F#m         B7 
I can?t give I cant give anymore. 
           E      C#m  
I can?t live, if living is without you. 
           F#m          B7                      E 
I can?t give, I cant give anymore 
Repeat first verse. 

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