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por curly9702

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C  F/C  Am/C  G/C  F/A  Am/D  Am/G  G7 
Em/C  Csus4  Em/C  G/C  F  C/E  Dm  Eaug 

   Am7  Am7/C  Am7/E  C/G  Abaug 

Am7  Am7/C  Am7/E  C/G  Abaug 

Am7  Am7/C  Am7/E       C/G  Abaug 
Side by     side,  I'll be   yours 

   Am7  Am7/C  Am7/E   C/G  Abaug 

Am7   Am7/C  Am7/E  C/G  Abaug       Am7   
Rain  or     shine, any  kind  of weather 

Am7/C  Am7/E  G  Am      C/D   Dm   F 
                   There isn't anything 

   C/G     C/G  G        G/A  Am7 
I wouldn't do   for you. 

Dm7               F    C/F         C/G      G    Eaug 
Let's take what's getting old and make  it new. 

Eye to eye it's a blinding confrontation. 
You and I we're a deadly combination. 
Don't start mixing truth with jealousy 
The road we're on is clear as far as I can see. 

Am7      F9      F        G            Gsus4/E  Em7 
Pamela   don't break this heart of mine         just 

   F     Dm7            Dm/Bb  Bb        F/A 
Remember    it  may not heal   this time 

Gm7    Dm7/F         Em7(5-)       Eb   
Pamela   there is no second chance 

        Bb/D              Csus4/G  Gm7  Ab    Fm Em 
For the one who leaves it all      be...hind 

Black and white always go together 
Day and night you're the precious jewel I tresure 
Wanting evry part of you is not a crime Well 
Could it be that you're the one that's wrong this time? 

C        G/C  F/A                        Dm7         C/E 
Oh..  Pamela  thousand of miles away but always in my  heart 


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