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I (Who Have Nothing) Acordes

Tom Jones


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I (Who Have Nothing)

(Donida / Leiber / Stoller)

	    Am                   G         Am                    G 
1. I, I who have nothing,   I, I who have no-one, 
        C                                  E 
    adore you, and want you so. 
                    Am               G                                   F     ~ 
    I'm just a no-one with nothing to give you but, oh !  ~ 
      Am           - G 
    I love you. 
    Am                      G               Am                        G 
2. He, he buys you diamonds, bright, sparkeling diamonds. 
               C                                  E 
    But believe me, dear, when I say, 
                       Am                                G                                   F    ~ 
    that he can give you the world but he'll never love you the way. ~ 
    I love you. 
    He can take you any place he wants, 
    to fancy clubs and restaurants. 
    But I can only watch you with 
           F                                                          E ? F - E 
    my nose pressed up against the window 
  Am                   G          Am                  G 
3. I, I who have nothing,   I, I who have no-one, 
               C                               E 
    must watch you go dancing by, 
                             Am                          G                               F   ~ 
    wrapped in the arms of somebody else when darling it's  I,  ~ 
            Am              F               Dm            E          - Am 
    who loves you, I love you, I love you, I love you. 

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