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The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones

The Spider And The Fly


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The Spider And The Fly

Áño: 1995 - Álbum: Out Of Our Heads

	  From augustin@telenet.net Mon May 12 13:31:13 1997 
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 23:44:06 -0400 
From: Vance Augustine  
To: guitar@olga.net 
Subject: TAB: The Spider and the Fly by Rolling Stones 
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I would like to submit a file to be posted to OLGA. This is my first 
attempt to send something to OLGA. I hope I've got the procedure  right. 
By the way, thanks for OLGA. It's been a godsend for me. 
The Spider and the Fly by the Rolling Stones 
from the album, ^ÓStripped^Ô, 1996. 
Words and music by M. Jagger and K. Richards(whoever they are) 
transcribed and submitted by Vance Augustine 
The song is pretty simple. It^Òs your basic 3 chord blues. What really 
makes the song is the 
little walking riff they do with the guitars. On every E7 chord play it 
like this 
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E--0---------0----------0------------0----------0----------0----------0- B--0---------0----------0------------0----------0----------0----------0- G--1---------2----------4------------2----------1----------2----------4- D--0---------0----------0------------0----------0----------0----------0- A--2---------4----------5------------4----------2----------4----------5- E--0---------0----------0------------0----------0----------0----------0- Hit each chord form on the beat, hold the last one for two beats Then on the A7 drop down to this E--0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0-- B--2----------3----------5----------3----------2----------3----------5-- G--0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0-- D--2----------4----------5----------4----------2----------4----------5-- A--0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0-- E--x----------x----------x----------x----------x----------x----------x-
Put it all together and it goes like this: (intro) E7 riff twice E7 riff Sittin^Ò thinkin^Ò sinkin^Ò drinkin^Ò E7 riff Wondering what I^Òll do when I^Òm thru tonight A7 riff Smokin^Ò mopin^Ò maybe just hopin^Ò E7 riff Some little girl will pass on by B7 A7 I don^Òt wanna be alone But I love my girl at home E7 riff C7 B7 I remember what she said E7 riff She said, ^ÓMy, my, my don^Òt tell lies! E7 riff Keep fidelity in your head! A7 riff My, my, my, Don^Òt tell lies E7 riff When you^Òve done your show hit the bed B7 A7 Don^Òt say ^ÓHi^Ô, like a spider to a fly E7 riff C7 B7 Jump right ahead and your dead! Sit up, fed up, low down, go round Down to the bar at the place I^Òm at Sittin^Ò, drinkin^Ò, superficially thinkin^Ò about the rinsed out blonde on my left and then I said ^ÓHi^Ò, like a spider to a fly Remembering what my little girl said (harmonica solo) she was spiffy, shifty she looked about fifty I would have run away but I was on my own She told me later she was a machine operator she said she liked the way I held the microphone I said, ^ÓMy, my, my, like a spider to a fly Jump right ahead in my web!^Ô (guitar solo and end)

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