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The Beatles

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The Beatles

I'll Get You


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I'll Get You

(Lennon / Mc Cartney)


       D        A        D        A 
  Oh yeah,  Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah. 

    D                                 G             A 
1.Imagine I'm in love with you, it's easy 'cause I know; 
         D              Bm 
  I've imagined I'm in love with you 
   G                       A 
  Many, many, many times before. 
            D           Am7              D 
  It's not like me to pretend, but I'll get you, 
  I'll get you in the end; 
          G                         A       D        A 
  Yes, I will, I'll get you in the end. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. 

      D                               G                 A 
2.I think about you night and day. I need you and it's true; 
           D            Bm 
  When I think about you I can say 
        G                        A 
  I'm never, never, never never blue. 
           D               Am7 
  So I'm telling you, my friend, 
             D                           Bm 
  That I'll get you, I'll get you in the end; 
          G                         A       D        A 
  Yes, I will, I'll get you in the end. Oh yeah, Oh Yeah 

            Well, there's gonna be a time, 
            When I'm gonna change your mind. 
                    E7                              A 
            So you might as well resign yourself to me. Oh yeah. 

                  (Back To First Verse) 

                D       A        D        A         D 
           Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Woh yeah 


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