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45 Acordes



por Punk1967

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Tono:  Em Más
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Intro:  Em D/F# G C  

Em      D/F#       G           
Send away for a priceless gift  
One not subtle, one not on the list  
Em     D/F#        G  
Send away for a perfect world  
One not simply, so absurd  
Em         D/F#         G  
In these times of doing what you're told  
You keep these feelings, no one knows  
 Am                       Em  
What ever happened to the young man's heart  
Am                     G             D/F#     Em  
Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart  

Em                                  D  
And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,  
Swimming through the ashes of another life  
Em                    D  
No real reason to accept the way things have changed  
C                       Am  
Staring down the barrel of a 45  

Send a message to the unborn child  
Keep your eyes open, for a while  
In a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one else   
There's a piece of a puzzle known as life  
Wrapped in guilt, sealed up tight  

What ever happened to the young man's heart  
Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart  

           Bm                   C  
Everyone's pointing their fingers  
Bm                    C  
Always condemning me  
         Bm         C          Em Fm G  
And nobody knows what I believe  

I believe  



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