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Killing me softly Acordes

Roberta Flack


por Tchucow

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Killing me softly

Dm7              G  
    I heard he sang a good song  
C                F  
    I heard she had a style  
Dm7           G  
    And so I came to see him,  
    and listen for a while  
Dm7                G7  
    And there he was this young boy  
C               E7  
    a stranger to my eyes. 

Am Dm Strumming my pain with his fingers G7 C Singing my life with his words Am D Killing me softly with his song G F Killing me softly with his song C F Telling my whole life with his words Bb A Killing me softly, with his song
Dm7 G I felt all flushed with fever C F embarrassed by the crowd. Dm7 G I felt he found my letters Am and read each one out loud. Dm7 G7 I prayed that he would finish C E7 but he just kept right on.
Dm7 G He sang as if he knew me C F in all my dark despair. Dm7 G And then he looked right through me Am as if I wasn't there. Dm7 G7 And he just kept on singing C E7 singing clear and strong A4 A Killing me softly, with her song

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