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Don't Forget Me

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: By The Way

	  Intro: Am F C G 
Am           F  
 I'm an ocean in your bedroom  
 Make you feel warm  
 Make you want to re-assume  
Am        F     C        G 
 Now we know it all for sure  
Am               F  
 I'm a dance hall dirty breakbeat  
 Make the snow fall  
 Up from underneath your feet  
Am     F       C            
 Not alone, I'll be there  
 Tell me when you want to go  
Am             F 
 I'm a meth lab first rehab  
 Take it all off  
 And step inside the running cab  
Am          F          C        G     
 There's a love that knows the way  
Am              F         
 I'm the rainbow in your jail cell  
 All the memories of  
 Everything you've ever smelled  
Am             F 
 Not alone, I'll be there  
  C                        G 
 Tell me when you want to go   
Am F Sideways falling C G More will be revealed my friend Am Don't forget me f I can't hide it C G Come again get me excited
Am,F,C,G (Am,F,C,G) I'm an inbred and a pothead Two legs that you spread Inside the tool shed Now we know it all for sure I could show you To the free field Overcome and more Will always be revealed Not alone, I'll be there Tell me when you want to go Refrão (Am,F,C,G) I'm the bloodstain On your shirt sleeve Coming down and more a coming to believe Now we know it all for sure Make the hair stand Up on your arm Teach you how to dance Inside the funny farm Not alone, I'll be there Tell me when you want to go

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