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por jessgomes

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Impossible Year

F A Dm A 

verse 1 
            F         A 
 There's no sunshine 
        Dm             A 
 This impossible year 
      F              A 
 Only black days and sky grey 
     Dm             F7 
 And clouds full of fear 
     Bb             Am 
 And storms full of sorrow 
      Gm        C 
 That won't disappear 
      F            C# 
 Just typhoons and monsoons 
        Dm       Eb 
 This impossible year 

verse 2 
            Bb          D 
 There's no good times 
        Gm            D 
 This impossible year 
        Bb            D 
 Just a beachfront of bad blood 
       Gm             Bb7 
 And a coast that's unclear 
         Eb            Dm 
 All the guests at the party 
         Cm      C 
 They're so insincere 
           Bb          D 
 They just intrude and exclude 
        Gm       Ab 
 This impossible year 

verse 3 
            Eb          G 
 There's no you and me 
        Cm             G 
 This impossible year 
      Eb            G 
 Only heartache and heartbreak 
     Cm          Eb7 
 And gin made of tears 
     Ab            Gm 
 The bitter pill I swallow 
     Fm         F 
 The scars souvenir 
      Eb           G 
 That tattoo, your last bruise 
        Cm       Db 
 This impossible year 

 There's never air to breathe 
 There's never in-betweens 
       Fm                Eb               Bb 
 These nightmares always hang on past the dream 

Eb G Cm G 
Eb G Cm Eb7 
Ab Eb Cm F 
Eb G Cm Eb7 

            Eb        G 
 There's no sunshine 
            Cm          G 
 There's no you and me 
            Eb          G 
 There's no good times 
        Cm       G 
 This impossible year  

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