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Your Love


por hakill

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Your Love

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E C#m B (repeat) e|----------------- B|----------------- G|----9----6----4-- D|----9----6----4-- A|----7----4----2-- E|-----------------
Verse 1: ~~~~~~~ E C#m B Josie's on a vacation far away, come around and talk it over E C#m B So many things that I want to say, you know I like my girls a little bit A C#m B older. I just want to use your love tonight; C#m A B I don't want to lose your love tonight. Verse 2: ~~~~~~~ E C#m B I ain't got many friends left to talk to, no one's around when I'm in trouble E C#m B You know I'd do anything for you, stay the night but keep it under A C#m B <--(Strum these, once each) cover. I just want to use your love tonight; C#m A B <--(same here) I don't want to lose your love tonight. Bridge: ~~~~~~ Chords here are just: G A (over and over). The lead riff into this part is something like: G A G A e|---------------|-----------------|-------------|--------------------| (2x) B|---3-----5--7--|--5---5---5------|--3----5--7--|--8--7h8p7--5--7----| G|---4-----------|--6---7---6---6--|--4----------|--6---------6-------| D|---5-----------|--7-----------7--|--5----------|--7-----------------| A|---------------|-----------------|-------------|--------------------| E|---------------|-----------------|-------------|--------------------| G A Try to stop my hands from shakin' Something in my mind's not makin' sense It's been awhile since we've been all alone I can't hide the way I'm feelin' Verse 3: ~~~~~~~ E C#m B As you leave me please would you close the door, and don't forget what I told you E C#m B Just 'cause you're right - that don't mean I'm wrong, another shoulder to cry up- A C#m B on. I just want to use your love tonight; <--+ |- (Repeat 3 times) C#m A B | I don't want to lose your love tonight. <--+ Outro: ~~~~~ C#m - A - B (repeat and fade) throw in an occasional Bsus (Listen to the record to understand how the following lines go with the music.) Voice 1 Voice 2 Lose your love. Lose your love. Your love. Lose your love. I don't wanna lose your love tonight. Lose your love. Your love. (repeat and fade) Lose your love. SOLO: e|-----7-------------7---|(3x) e|-7-----|(4x) B|-7-5---5---7-7-5-5---5-| B|---7-5-| G|-----------------------| G|-------| D|-----------------------| D|-------| A|-----------------------| A|-------| E|-----------------------| E|-------| Repeat and fade. Base: C#m - A - B

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hace 2098 años atrás
Essa musica é massa!!! Que tal uma video aula??
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