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Smells Like Teens Spirit


por garassino

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Smells Like Teens Spirit

	  Intro: Em A G C}repite 
Em      A        G         C          Em 
   Load upon on guns and bring your friends 
      A      G        C      Em 
it´s fun to lose and to pretend 
      A     G         C      Em  
she´s over bored and self assured 
    A      G     C     Em 
oh no, I know a dirty word 
Em     A      G      C       Em 
   Hello, hello, hello, how low? 
Em     A      G      C       Em 
   Hello, hello, hello, how low? 
With the lights out, it´s less dangerous 
Here we are now, entertain us 
I´m a stupid, it´s less dangerous, 
Here we are now, entertain us, 
a mulatto, an albino, 
a mosquito, my libido, 
yay, a denial 
I´m worse at what I do best 
and for this gift I feel blessed 
our little tribe has always been 
and always will until the end    
Hello, hello, hello, how low? 
Hello, hello, hello, how low? 
And I forget just why I taste  
oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile 
I found it hard, it washard to find  
oh well, whatever, nevermind 


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