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Milky Chance

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Milky Chance



por edsooliveira

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This is my first time writing a tab. eMail me for any kind of improvement that might be  
done - Have fun. 

The Picking Pattern might be varied during some parts, but i wrote down the standard Version. 

Tuning: Standard 
Capo: 5th 
Picking Pattern/Used Chords: 

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Bm Bm2 A Em e|----------|----------|-----------|---------| B|--3----3--|--3----3--|--2----2---|--0----0-| G|--4----4--|--4----4--|--2----2---|--0----0-| D|--4----4--|--4----4--|--2----2---|--2----2-| A|2---22---2|0---00---0|0---00---0-|2---22--2| E|----------|----------|-----------|---------| Chorus: G Bm A Em e|-------|-------|-------|-------| B|-------|---3---|---2---|-------| G|---4---|---4---|---2---|---0---| D|---5---|---4---|---2---|---2---| A|---5---|-2---2-|-0---0-|---2---| E|/3---3-|-------|-------|-0---0-|
********************************************* Intro: 2x Bm, Bm2, A, Em Verse: Bm Bm2 They came along and washed my soul so easy A Em High above myself, but I could hear them anyway Bm Bm2 The wind is taking them away so feathery A Em To show them all the places they can reach Bm Bm2 And it's not too far for them to go and leave A Em Me all alone is like there is no guaranty for such a dream Bm Bm2 And they bequeath me a black feather on the way A Em And I thought: Yes, I am a dreamer and these feathery they won't stay Chorus: G Bm A Em And I will try, Try to hold you G Bm A Em With my arms around your heart G Bm A Em Even though love is going to kill me G Bm A Em I will try
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Solo: e|---------------------------|---------------------------| B|-5/7-5-3-------------3-----|-5/7-5-3-------2-3-2-------| G|---------4-2-----2-4---4-2-|---------4-2-4-------4-2---| D|-------------4-2-----------|-------------------------4-| A|---------------------------|---------------------------| E|---------------------------|---------------------------|
************************************ | / slide up ************************************

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