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Mike McClure

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Mike McClure

Via Dolorosa


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Via Dolorosa

Angel circlin' the heavens 
thoughts drift by on silver clouds 
a weathered crack deep in the sidewalk 
from too much hustle, too much crowd 
there's too much time left on my hands 
there's too much heartache in my soul 
there's too much hangin' round this pay-phone 
 A                          D 
there's too much loss of self-control 
G and i guess your love is like nails D so you can crucify me A and lay down upon your rails D so you could locomotive over me G yeah you stone me when i stumble D and thorns are woven in your talk and i come with you as always A G down the via dolorosa when i walk G i walk
VERSE 2: D my demons come around with the sundown A and they dance their circles in my head and how they twirl your memory all around A and lay you down on burning beds i pity you my saving angel G i wish i may, i wish i might D have you saved your last prayer for me A D wherever god has you tonight (chorus)

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