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Bb                     F              Gm            Eb  
 When you´re close to tears remember someday it´ll all be over 
 Bb                F     Gm  Eb 
 one day we gonna get so high. 
 Bb                  F               Gm              Eb 
 Though it´s darker than december what´s ahead is a different colour  
 Bb                    F      Gm  Eb 
 one day we´re gonna get so high. 
          Fm                                      Bbm                      
And at the end of the day remember the days when we were close to the end 
Fm                     Bbm 
and wonder how we made it throught the night. 
Fm                                 Bbm       
At the end of the day remember the way we stayed so close to the end 
Fm                    Bb      F  
We´ll remember it was me and you 
      Bb           F  Gm              Eb             Bb        F 
Cause we are gonna be forever you and me, you'll always keep it flying high  
       Gm     Eb 
in the sky of love 
Bb                     F            Gm             Eb           
Don´t you think it´s time you started doing what we always wanted  
Bb                   F    Gm  Eb  
one day we´re gonna get so high  
Bb                 F          Gm              Eb 
Cause even the impossible is easy when we got each other  
Bb                   F    Gm  Eb  
one day we´re gonna get so high 
Refrão 2x 
Contribuição: João Roberto Lopes([email protected]) 


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