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King Crimson

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King Crimson

Fallen Angel


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Fallen Angel

Obs.: I am not happy about the Am9 at the verse 'skyline'. 
      If anyone knows a better one, please tell me. 
        G         C          Bm    Bm/F#  Em Em7 
        Tears of  joy at the birth of a brother 
        C      Bm             Am   Am/B Am/C Am/D Am/E 
        Never alone from that time 
        Sixteen Years through knife fights and danger 
        Strangely why his life not mine 
        Bm     Am9    G               G 
        --7--7|--7--7|--5--7|        |--3---| 
        --7--7|--5--5|--3--3|        |--3---| 
     (  --7--7|--5--5|--4--4| x 3 +  |--4---|     ) x2 
        --9--9|--7--7|--5--5|        |--5---| 
        ------|------|------|        |------| 
        ------|------|------|        |------| 
        West side skyline crying 
        Fallen angel dying 
        Risk a life to make a dime 
        Lifetime spent on the streets of a city 
        Make us the people we are 
        Switch blade stings in one tenth of a moment 
        Better get back to the car 
        --|---2----4--|---2-----4---|---  and so on 
        Fallen angel 
        Fallen angel 
        West side skyline crying 
        fallen angel dying 
        life expiring in the .. 
        Snow white side streets of cold New York City 
        Stained with his blood all these times 
        Sick and tired through wicked and wild 
        God only knows for how long 
Contribuição: Lucas Santos(luk_sts@hotmail.com) 


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