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Kelly Clarkson

Behind These Hazel Eyes Acoustic


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Behind These Hazel Eyes Acoustic

	  Great song, great artist. I tried my best with this song. Its from the vh1 performance, 
I already did the intro to it, and this is the rest of the song. 
Capo 2 
Intro: Em7,C2,G(no 3rd),D (x2) 
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---------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------| ---------0--------0-----------------0-------0------------| ------2--------0------0---------------5--4-----4---------| ------------3------------3-------5----------------5------| ---0--------------------------3--------------------------|
pre-chorus: C5,G5,C2,D Chorus: Em7 C2 Here I am, once again G(no 3rd) D I'm torn into pieces Em7 C2 can't deny it can't pretend G(no 3rd) D just thought you were the one Em7 C2 broken up deep inside G(no 3rd)----let ring------ Em7 C2 but you won't get to see the tears I cry G(no 3rd) D behind these hazel eyes Verse Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge: Em7 G(no 3rd) swallowed me then spit me out Em7 G(no 3rd) for hating you, I blame myself Em7 G(no 3rd) just seeing you it kills me now Em7 G(no 3rd) D no i don't cry on the out side anymore Verse Chorus(x2) Questions or comments email me at sportsfr3ak549@yahoo.com

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