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John Frusciante

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John Frusciante



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   Bm         A           G  
When i try i force it out  
   Bm        A            G  
Never loking in only out  
   Bm        A     F#m        G  
now is the time for millions to lose  
   Bm        A     F#m        G  
Never the same since i lost you  
   Bm        A      G  
Running me out the town  
   Bm        A      G  
Wishing the best around  
   Bm      A    F#m   G  
would only get off my back  
   Bm      A          F#m         G  
heaven receives you and throws your back  
   A               G  
Sending a dummy to my god (4 Vezes)  
  Bm  A    G  
oooooooooooooooo (2 vezes)  
  Bm      A     F#m      G  
driving to cat a carvel cake  
  Bm            A         F#m       G  
Somewhere you know ins't where you think  
  Bm         A         F#m      G  
Have you gone away already all the good times are on their way (2 vezes)  
  Bm       D             A           G  
Up and down that's how energy stays alive (2 vezes  
   A     G         A        G  
And  i wouldn't have it any other way.  

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