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Jack Johnson

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Jack Johnson

Staple it together


por gustsilva

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Staple it together

Áño: 2005 - Álbum: In Between Dreams

	  (verse 1) 

          Am        D 
It's really  too bad. 
                  Am              D 
He became a pris - 'ner of his own past 
                   Am                     D 
He stabbed the mom - ent in the back with a round thumbtack 
         Am              D 
That held  up the list of thing he got to do 
           Am        D 
It's really  no good 
           Am                   D 
He's moving on before he under - stood 
               Am                          D 
He shot the fu - ture in the foot with ev - 'ry step he took 
        Am                          D             
From the places he'd seen 'cause he forgot to look 

Am Am Better staple it together and call it bad weather G C X 2 Staple it together and call it bad weather
(verse 2) Well i guess you could say That he don't even know where to begin 'Cause he looked both ways but he was so afraid Diggin' deep into the ditch every chance he missed And the mess he made 'Cause hate is such a strong word And every brick he laid, a mistake They say that his walls are getting taller,his world is getting smaller (repeat Chorus) (repeat verse 1) (repeat Chorus) (outro) Am D If the weather gets better we should get together G C Spend a little time or we could do whatever Am D And if we get together we'd be twice as clever G C So staple it together and call it bad weather.

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