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Jack Johnson



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Áño: 2005 - Álbum: In Between Dreams

(Jack Johnson)

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Intro A|-------3----------2--------0-0----------2----------------------| E|-----3--------3-3--------0----------3-3------------------------| C|-0-4------0-4--------0-0--------0-2----------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| Dedilhado A|-3------3-----7--------7-----3--------3-----5--------5---------| E|------3-----3--------3-----3--------5-----5--------7-----7-----| C|----4-----4--------0-----0--------4-----4--------7-----7-------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|-3------3-----7--------7-----3--------3-----5-------------5-----| E|------3-----3--------3-----3--------5-----5--------7------7-----| C|----4-----4--------0-----0--------4-----4--------7--------7-----| G|----------------------------------------------------------------| Solo Final A|-3-0----------------3-0----------------------------------------| E|-----3-----3------------3-----3--------------------------------| C|-------3H4---4-2-0--------2H4---4------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|-3/5-3-0--7-5-3--3/5-3-0--7-5--3/5-3-0--10-8--7--3/5-3-0--7-5-3| E|-3/5-3-0--8-5-3--3/5-3-0--8-5--3/5-3-0--12-10-8--3/5-3-0--8-5-0| C|--------------------------------------------------------------0| G|--------------------------------------------------------------0|
C Em I hope this old train breaks down Am G Then i could take a walk around C Em And, see what there is to see Am G And time is just a melody C All the people in the street Em Walk as fast as their feet can take them Am G I just roam through town C And though my windows got a view Em The frame im looking through Am G Seems to have no concern for me now So for now
C Em I need this Am G Old train to breakdown C Em Oh, please just Am G Let me please breakdown
C Em This engine screams out loud Am G Sayin the beat gonna crawl westbound C Em So i dont even make a sound Am G Cause its gunna sting me when i leave this town C All the people in the street Em That i'll never get to meet Am G If these tracks dont bend somehow C And i got no time Em That i got to get to Am G Where i dont need to be
C Em I need this Am G Old train to breakdown C Em Oh, please just Am G Let me please breakdown C Em I, need this here
C But you cant stop nothing Em If you got no control Am Of the thoughts in your mind G That you kept in, you know C You dont know nothing Em But you dont need to know Am The wisdoms in the trees G Not the glass windows C You cant stop wishing Em If you dont let go Am But things that you find G And you lose, and you know C You keep on rolling Em Put the moment on hold Am The frames too bright G So put the blinds down low
C Em I need this Am G Old train to breakdown C Em Oh, please just Am G Let me please breakdown C Em I, need this Am G Old train to breakdown C Em Oh, please just Am G C Let me please breakdown G F C I wanna break on down G F C But i can't stop now

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