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George Michael

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George Michael

One more Try


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One more Try

Áño: 1987 - Álbum: Faith

(George Michael)

	  G                     D/F#
   I've had enough of danger
Em                    Em/D
   And people on the streets
C                      G/B
   I'm looking out for angels
A7/4                        D7
   Just trying to find some peace
G                   D/F#
   Now I think it's time
D#º                Em    Em/D
   That you let me know
C                    G/B
   So if you love me,   say you love me
A7/4                     D7
   But if you don't just let me go
G              D/F#
   'Cos teacher    there are things
Em                      Em/D
   That I don't want to learn and
C                 G/B         A7/4   D7
   The last one I had made me cry
   So I don't want to learn to
                       D/F#   D#º
   Hold you, touch you
                     Em     Em/D
   Think that you're mine
              C             G/B
   Because it ain't no joy
   For an uptown boy
         C                         G         C/G       G
   Whose teacher has told him good-bye, good-bye, good-bye
   When you were just a stranger
Em                    Em/D
   And I just at your feet
C                    G/B
   I didn't feel the danger
   A7/4           D7
   Now I feel the heat
G                    D/F#
   That look in your eyes
D#º           Em   Em/D
   Telling me no
   So you think that you love me
   Know that you need me
   I wrote the song
   I know it's wrong
   Just let me go...
G              D/F#
   And teacher...
            C                    G/B
So when you say that you need me
That you'll never leave me
I know you're wrong
You're not that strong
Let me go
G             D/F#
  And teacher...
For an uptown boy
    C                     G
Who just isn't willing to try
       C/G    G
I'm so cold inside
C/G                 G
Maybe just one more try.

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