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George Harrison

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George Harrison

Beware of Darkness


por klauslima

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Beware of Darkness

	  B              B/A   G7 
 G7                                                G#m       C#m     E   A 
Watch out now, take care beware of falling swingers 
                         E            C#m    G#m 
Dropping all around you 
                                 C#m               Dsus2   A                  B          B/A G7 
The pain that often mingles in your fingertips,       beware of darkness 
                                                     G#m             C#m    E   A 
Watch out now, take care beware of thoughts that linger 
                        E                   C#m    G#m 
Winding up inside your head 
                                   C#m             Dsus2      A                      B 
The hopelessness around you in the dead of night,       beware of sadness 
            E                  D 
It can hit you, it can hurt you 
A             F#m                  Bm             G7                        B         B/A G7 
Make you sore and what is more, that is not what you are here for 
                                                      G#m        C#m      E   A 
Watch out now, take care beware of soft shoe shufflers 
                               E         C#m    G#m 
Dancing down the sidewalks 
                                    C#m                 Dsus2   A                  B 
As each unconscious sufferer wanders aimlessly,       beware of maya 
E      D      A    F#m    Bm    G7    B          B/A  G7 
                                                    G#m        C#m     E   A 
Watch out now, take care beware of greedy leaders 
                                                E           C#m    G#m 
They'll take you where you should not go 
                                C#m                    Dsus2                           A 
While weeping atlas cedars, they just want to grow, grow and grow 
                 B                                           B/A   G7 
Beware of darkness (beware of darkness) 

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