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In The Morning


    Am      G           D 
You crossed the pasture land 
    Am         G       D 
And threw your wedding band 
Am        G    D 
Into the great deep 
      Am    G       D 
Where you'd rest to sleep 
   Am  G  D 
My dear 

       Am     G          D 
In the oceans where you lay 
      Am     G         D 
Where you've made your grave 
        Am       G      D 
They'll find you on the shore 
Am   G  D 
Rosy no more 
    Am G D 
My dear 

(Roll D the rest is acapella)
In the morning 
On your journey to the sea 

You crossed the pasture land 
And threw your wedding band 
Swallowing the seed 
Of truth 

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