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I'll Cry For You


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I'll Cry For You

	  (acoustic version) 
( E  E4  E  E4  A  A4  A  A4 ) 
  E                  E4           E     E4               A        A4  A  A4 
I never dreamed that I could fall   but something's come   over me 
        E               E4          E   E4            A       A4  A  A4 
Now I'm sitting staring at the wall    afraid for my  sanity 
D                 D9        D              D9       A           A4  A  A5  A/G# 
The sound of your voice the touch of your skin it's haunting me 
F#m                 E                       A 
I'm still trying to come to my senses but I can't look back 
so I'm taking my chances 
E       E9          C#m   B           A     B 
I wanna give you my heart give you my soul 
E       E9          C#m  B         A     B 
I wanna lay in your arms never let go 
E                   B                A                 B 
Don't wanna live my life without you   but I know when you're gone 
C#m    C#m/B         E/A         E/G#        F#m  G#m  A 
Like a fire needs a spark like a fool in the dark           Honey I'll cry for you 
( E  E4  E  E4  A  A4  A  A4 ) 
Wondering why I'm running scared from what I believe in 
I know that love is just another word to say what I'm feeling 
For once in my life the future is mine it's calling me 
I've been searching so long for an answer but it's too late now 
so I'm taking my chances 
( E  E4  E  E4  A  A4  A  A4 ) nx 
(I wanna give you my heart) cry for you 
(I wanna lay in your arms) hey honey I'll cry for you now 
(I wanna give you my heart) cry for you 
(I wanna lay in your arms) don't make me cry for you 
(oooh oooh oh oooh) ooh don't make cry baby now 
(oooh oooh oh oooh) I've been searching for an answer now 
(oooh oooh oh oooh) ooh I'm wondering why I'm running scared 
(oooh oooh oh oooh) honey I'll cry for you.........everyday 
Contribuição: Daniel Ericeira(dericeira@ig.com.br) 

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