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Elvis Presley

Always On My Mind


por Acelot

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Always On My Mind

  G              D/F# 
  Maybe I didn't love you 
  Em       G/D        C           D 
  Quite as often as I could have 
  G                  D/F# 
  And maybe I didn't treat you 
  Em       G/D       C#m7/5- 
  Quite as good as I should have 
  C                   G 
  If I made you feel second best 
  C            G/B      Am 
  Girl I'm sorry I was blind 
  D        Em     D7/F#  G       Am Bm (C) 
  You were always on my  mind 
  C        D7            G     C  D 
  You were always on my mind 

  G                 D/F# 
  And maybe I didn't hold you 
  Em       G/D             C       D 
  All those lonely, lonely times 
   G                 D/F# 
  And I guess I never told you 
  Em       G/D           C#m7/5- 
  I'm so happy that you're mine 
    C                   G 
  Little things I should have said and done 
  C       G/B          Am 
  I just never took the time 
  D        Em     D7/F#  G       Am Bm (C) 
  You were always on my mind 
  C        D7            G     C  D 
  You were always on my mind 

  G      D/F#   Em   G/D 
  Tell            me, 
  C                 G/B               Am    C/D  D7 
  Tell me that your sweet love hasn't died 
  G      D/F#   Em   G/D 
  Give          me,  give me 
  C                    G/B         Am          D            G 
  One more chance to keep you satisfied, I'll keep you satisfied 

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hace 896 años atrás
It would be nice to have the chords for the solos as well
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