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Deep Purple

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Deep Purple

Smoke on the water


por Odinei

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Smoke on the water


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Smoke on the water A fire in the sky D5 A#5 A E|----------------------------------------|-----------------|------------------- B|----------------------------------------|-----------------|------------------- G|----------------------------------------|-----------------|------------------- D|--7-------------------------------------|-----------------|------------------- A|--5-----------8-------7-----------------|-----3-----------|---3---3h5p3------- E|--------------6-------5-----------------|-5-5----5--3--5^-|-5---5-------5—3---
----------------------------------------- Introdução: Riff principal=6x Verso 1: Am We all came out to Montreux C D Am on the lake Geneva shoreline To make records with a mobile - C D Am we didn't have much time Frank Zappa & the Mothers C D Am were at the best place around But some stupid with a flare gun C D Am burned the place to the ground. Refrão: Riff principal=2x Verso 2: Am They burned down the gambling house - C D Am it died with an awful sound Funky & Claude was running in and out, C D Am pulling kids out of the ground When it all was over, C D Am we had to find another place Swiss time was running out - C D Am it seemed that we would lose the race. Refrão: Riff principal=2x Solo Riff principal=2x Verso 3: Am We ended up at the Grand Hotel - C D Am it was empty, cold and bare But with the Rolling Trucks Stones thing just C D Am outside, we made our music there With a few red lights an' a few old beds, C D Am we made a place to sweat No matter what we get out of this, C D Am I know, I know we'll never forget. Refrão: Riff principal=7x

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