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A Star Is Born


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A Star Is Born

	  Intro: G  D/F#  Em  D  C  D 
G          D/F# 
Christmas time again 
   Em                D              C 
The perfect end, to a not-so-perfect year 
At last it's here 
G      D/F#           Em 
Hustle bustle to and fro 
              D                C 
>From store to store, to get one more 
Of whatever is in style this year 
G      D/F# 
On the marquis sign 
  Em            D            C 
At 5 and 9, the latest movie shows 
And it starts to snow 
G        D/F#          Em 
Children look into the sky 
          D              C         D 
To see if reindeer really fly, who knows 
Bm                             C 
But when it comes down to this season 
Bm                            C 
Above it all there's still a reason 
To just look up 
  G  D/F#  Em  D   C    D 
A star is  born tonight 
G    D/F# Em   D      C   D 
Come to  make things right 
C               D 
Angels singing, anthems ringing 
G     D/F#    Em 
Glory to the King 
  C       D      G 
A star is born tonight 
G      D/F# 
Silent holy night 
Em               D                 C 
Heaven's sacred light shines all around 
And joy resounds 
G         D/F# 
In manger hay the baby 
Em             D                 C 
Jesus came to seek and save the lost 
Until they're found 
Bm                    C 
Peace on earth a new beginning 
Bm                          C          D 
He's the gift that keeps on giving, to all of us 
G D/F# C D (x2) 
C               D 
Angels singing, anthems ringing 
G     D/F#    Em 
Glory to the King 
  C       D      Bb  D  G 
A star is born toni----ght 


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