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Brendan Benson

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Brendan Benson

Cold Hands Warm Heart


por peter

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Cold Hands Warm Heart

	  B F#m E E4 

B    F#m          E 
Cold hands, warm heart 
         E4              B 
We just need some time apart 
          F#m           E4  E E9 
And everything will be okay 

B  F#m       E   E4 
Oh no, not again 
Why does it always happen? 
               F#m         E E4 E9 
It seems like every other day 

B           F#m            E  E4 
You're too quiet, I'm too loud 
Now we've rid a storm cloud 
          F#m              E  E4  E9 
I'll see you on the other side 
B      F#m          E  E4 
Old habits, young ways 
Maybe we're just a phase 
            F#m           E    Eadd13- 
But we can say we really try 

C#m F# And it really shouldn't be this hard A E You know it really shouldn't be C#m And if we can only see it this far B B/A Well then I hate to say it, but it's obvious E/G# F#m I'm telling you, girl, there's no future for us
All talk, no action So what's the big attraction? And don't tell me it's "just because" All work, no play e-chords.com Don't wanna go on this way I wanna go back to the way it was And it really shouldn't be this hard You know it really shouldn't be And if we can only take it this far Well then we've got to end it before it's too late The love that is left turns quickly to hate Cold hands, warm heart We just need some time apart And everything will be okay tab at e-chords.com

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