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Big Time Rush

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Big Time Rush



por andrsouza

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(Big Time Rush)

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	  Intro: Eb Bb Cm Ab 

          Eb                     Bb               Cm      Ab  
There are so many things that I never ever get to say   
          Eb                          Bb                 Cm      Ab  
Cause I'm always tongue tied with my words gettin in the way  
    Eb                Bb       Cm                       Ab 
If you could read my mind then all your doubts will be left behind 
      Eb                          Bb          Cm      Ab 
Then every little thing will be falling into place     
I would scream to the world they would see you're my girl  
But I just keep gettin  

Eb Bb Cm Ab Stuck Stuck but I'm never givin up up Eb Bb Cm Ab In the middle of a perfect day I'm trippin over words to say Eb Bb Cm Ab Cause I don't wanna keep you guessing but I always end up gettin Eb Bb Cm Ab Stuck Stuck but I'm never givin up up
Eb Bb Cm Ab (2x) Its the way that feel when you say what you say to me Keeps you running through my mind 24/7 days a week If you got the time just stick around and you'll realize That its worth every minute that it takes jsut wait and see I would scream to the world they would see you're my girl But I just keep gettin Chorus Bridge Cm Eb I'm over the chances wasted tell me its not to late and Ab Eb Its only the nervous times that keep me bottled up inside Eb Bb Cm Ab (2x) Chorus

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