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Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Their Greatest Hits

(Barry/ Robin/ and Maurice Gibb)

	  (Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb) 


	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / / 

Verse 1: 

	 G              Am       C   G 
	Feel I'm going back to Massachusetts 
	 G                  Am    C       G 
	Something's telling me I must go home 
	          G                          C 
	And the lights all went out in Massachusetts 
	           G        D7              G     D7 
	The day I left her standing on her own 

Verse 2: 
        G              Am       C    G 
	Try to hitch a ride to San Francisco 
        G            Am        C    G    
	Gotta do the things I wanna do 
                  G                          C 
	And the lights all went out in Massachusetts 
                         G       D7              G    D7 
	They brought me back to see my way with you 

Verse 3: 
        G              Am         C   G 
	Talk about the life in Massachusetts 
        G               Am        C    G   
	Speak about the people I have seen 
                  G                          C  
	And the lights all went out in Massachusetts 
	          G           D7 N.C. 
	And Massachusetts is one place I have seen 

Coda repeat to fade: 

	 G        Am      C    G        Am      C    G 
	(I will remember Massachusetts) 
	                       I will remember Massachusetts 

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers 


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