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Beach Boys

Don't Worry Baby


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Don't Worry Baby

Áño: 1973 - Álbum: Platinum Collection: Sounds of Summer Edition

(Brian Wilson / Roger Christian)

Intro:	E                 A       A/B       2X
        / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	E                                           A                 B
	Well it's been building up inside of me for oh, I don't know how long
	E                                          A              B
	I don't know why, but I keep thinkin' somethin's bound to go wrong
	F#m7          B7
	But she looks in my eyes
	G#m7         C#7
	And makes me realize
F# When she says (don't worry baby) G#m7 C#7sus4 C#7 Don't worry baby (don't worry baby) F# Everything will turn out all right (don't worry baby) G#m7 C#7sus4 C#7 Don't worry baby (don't worry baby) B7sus4 B7 Ooh...ooh
Verse 2: I guees I should've kept my mouth shut when I started to brag about my car But I can't back down now 'cause I've pushed the other guys too far She makes me come alive And makes me wanna drive repeat refrão repeat intro Verse 3: She told me, "baby when you race today just take along my love with you And if you knew how much I love you baby, nothing could go wrong with you Oh what she does to me When she makes love to me refrão: 2x _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Vitor Magno(vitor-magno@bol.com.br)

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