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Adam Brand

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Adam Brand

Daddy Sang Bass


por peter

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Daddy Sang Bass

	  G Well I remember when I was a lad 
Times were C hard and things were G bad 
But there's a silver linin'... behind every D7 cloud 
Just poor G people that's all we were 
Tryin' to make a C livin' outta outback G dirt 
But we'd get together in a D7 circle and sing out G loud ...   
Daddy sang bass, mama sang tenor G7 Me and little C brother would join right G in there Singin'... seems to help a troubled D7 soul One of these G days it won't be long We'll all C join in this G song We'll all get together up D7 yonder at the G throne ... No, the circle ... won't be broken G7 Bye and C bye, Lord, bye and G bye ... Daddy'll sing bass, mama'll sing tenor G7 Me and little C brother will join right G in there In the sky Lord ... D7 in the G sky.
G Now I remember after work mama would C call in all of G us You could hear us singin' ... for a country D7 mile Now little G brother he has gone on and I'm gonna C join him before too G long We'll all get together up D7 yonder at the G throne ... Chorus In the sky, Lord, D7 in the G sky Said In the sky Lord ... D7 in the G sky ... C G D7 G

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